Welcome to KANT Consulting AB

I specialize in service around SunGard FRONT ARENA and with my unique experience around adaptation and integration around SunGard FRONT ARENA I offer quality and reliable services you can count on. Working in the financial business since 1994, first as a developer, later around customer and service and the last years mainly with consultancy for top tier banks I can support you with development(focused on the Microsoft plattform), operation and maintenance, adaptation and integration services. I also have built “small products” (tools) proven in production that will save you time and money. Browse my Web site for more information about Kant Consulting AB. If you have any questions or would like to speak with Fredrik Kant regarding my products or services, please e-mail me at fredrik@kantconsulting.se or call me at +46 70 787 06 01. At Kant Consulting AB, the customer always comes first.

Fredrik Kant / CV

Relevant Financial Products Knowledge:

Stocks, Fixed Income, Options, Futures, Forwards, FX, Structured Products (Equity, IR, FX and Commodities), Commodities

Relevant Front-/Middle-/Back Office Knowledge:

SunGard Front Arena, ORC, TBricks,Market Making,P&L & Risk,BO (Front Arena), MetaTrader4 (FX)

Relevant IT Knowledge:

SQL, Windows Server, UNIX, Shell Scripting, Dynamic Languages (Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Scala), C/C++, C#, Java, Scala, Go,D,Swift,Eclipse, Visual Studio, Emacs, Vi, XCode, XML, Integration, Web technology (ASP.Net,MVC,EF,Node,js,ITIL, LEAN, Agile methodologies,Hadoop,MongoDB,Neo4j,Data Science,Google AdWords

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Small Products

With "small products" I mean complementary tools that solves some specific functional area but with restricted functionality i.e. they are not a web server, trading system e.t.c.

The described "small products" below are generic however adopted to be used with SunGard FRONT ARENA.

Python BatchGrid
The BatchGrid is basicly a simple mechanism for distributing calculation in parallell.

A batch script typically follow this pattern:
a) Collect data.
b) Perform calculations.
c) Generate a report.

The BatchGrid builds a mechnism that let you distribute the calcualtions in step b) so that they can be performed in parallell and then collected before the c) step is performed.
Normally only a minor changes into an existing script (written in python of course) are needed.

Historical Price viewer

Is a simple web application together with an index builder that displays exported historical price data from a source of prices.

Transaction Viewer

Is a package of a:
Index mechanism for indexing audit files.
A web server part using the index for accessing matched transactions.
A web client part displaying the result.
In summary: gives you a web application for displaying the audit log.
Building other kinds of auditing reports etc. is very easy because the index itself is built using the Lucene technology which is plattform independent and wrapped to many different program languages such as Java,C# and Python.

Database cleanup

It seems as many people are writing script for cleaning up the ADS database.
I will package my written tools for anyone to use.

Operation and Maintenance plattform

Some personal thoughts about how to build a O & A plattform around SunGard FRONT ARENA.
Because it includes private thoughts one can only get it be contacting me.